What can you dream up in 120 square feet? That’s the question powering Small/Cool NYC, the greatest small thing in interior design. 

What is Small/Cool NYC?

Small/Cool NYC is an annual pop-up event hosted by Apartment Therapy, that  challenges 18 top interior designers & enthusiasts to create the smallest, coolest spaces they can imagine— all featuring Spoonflower wallpaper.

Here’s a look at just some of the incredible bedrooms, offices, kitchens, and living spaces these creatives have dreamed up showcasing 2024’s hottest home trends.

On the Walls at Small/Cool NYC in Brooklyn, New York

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As the official wallpaper sponsor of Apartment Therapy's Small/CoolNYC, it’s absolutely amazing to see these incredibly talented designers dream and create with the help of Spoonflower's renter-friendly wallpapers.  

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Sunny Style

Curated by Drew Barrymore

Surround yourself with joy when you choose bright, colorful wallpaper. Home is an opportunity to express yourself and have fun while doing so!

 Vintage Art Nouveau Floral 

Featured  Wallpaper

Designed by: writtenbykristen

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Traditional with a Twist

Curated by NATE HOME by Nate Berkus

A classic check pattern stands the test of time, yet the small scale is unexpected. Plus, the slightly distressed nature of the design lends added visual texture.

Soulful Space

Curated by Dala Al-Fuwaires

Reminiscent of soundwaves, let this wallpaper set the tone for a creative space to listen to music or sketch up your next sewing project. Home can lay the foundation for your artistic endeavors.

Wild Instincts

Curated by Danielle Blundell

“The hero print? A classic woodland in a bold palette of mostly cool greens, blues, and teals. I played with its scale and put it all over the room — because you can never have too much of a good print!”

Danielle Blundell
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Lady Checker

Featured  Wallpaper

Designed by: holli_zollinger

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Topography Grid in Cinnamon

Featured  Wallpaper

Designed by: erin__kendal

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OMG Woodland

Featured  Wallpaper

Designed by: whitneyenglish

Make It Fashion!

Curated by DuVäl Reynolds

Traditionally seen on fabric, plaid is a classic print that’s made its way elsewhere into the home. Layer moody plaid prints to create a cozy space that’s perfect for conversation. 

Dark Blue and Brown Plaid

Featured  Wallpaper

Designed by: northern_whimsy

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Suite Dreams

Curated by Natalie Wong

Make every day a vacation with tropical prints, luxe bedding and relaxing details. This tropical paradise wallpaper creates a faux headboard that makes for a hotel-worthy aesthetic.

Tropical Paradise

Featured  Wallpaper

Designed by: smokeinthewoods

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