DURHAM, NC: – A grandmother of two from Raleigh, North Carolina has laid claim to the title of “World’s Proudest Grandma” after decorating her home with wallpaper, curtains, pillows and tablecloths printed with photos of her grandkids. 
If everyone needs a philosophy of life, the philosophy of Carmen Baugh, 66, is that you can’t have too many pictures of your grandchildren – or too many ways to display them. 
She has therefore decorated not just the living room of her new house with wallpaper and floor-length curtains printed with photos of her grandchildren but also... herself, with more of the same pictures, printed on a matching outfit. 
“When I stand against the wall, my husband says that I just blend in and disappear. All you can see is my head.” 
This makes her the first grandma to go missing... in her own living room. 
Carmen’s husband Bob “thinks it’s great” but her grandkids, a girl of six and boy of three, were taken aback when they first saw her new décor. 
“My granddaughter exclaimed ‘Oh my!’ But she and her brother then rushed straight to the wallpaper and started picking out their own photos. They loved it all, including the pillows.”
“People don’t realize you can do this sort of thing”, says Carmen. 
The only reason that she realized it herself was that her daughter Kelly worked as the office manager of Spoonflower (www.spoonflower.com), a nearby dotcom that let customers design, print and sell their own fabric and wallpaper. 
Kelly not just told her mom how Spoonflower now lets you “do this sort of thing” but meanwhile had also been telling her colleagues all about her mom and, in particular, about what an extraordinarily proud grandma she was. 
Indeed, Carmen had only just moved to Raleigh to be closer to her grandkids – and her new living room still needed decorating. 
Kelly’s Spoonflower colleagues offered not just to tell Carmen what was possible but to show her by helping decorate her living room with wallpaper, curtains, pillows and more, all custom-printed with pictures of her grandkids. 
Carmen thought it sounded fun and decided to accept. 
The idea turned into a project, which then grew in scale. Carmen, a talented seamstress, made the outfit – “a long shirt” – and sewed the curtains herself. Her daughter’s Spoonflower colleagues then lent a hand putting up the peel-and-stick wallpaper. 
The pride of place in her living room goes to a giant collage of over 30 different photographs that covers the entire back wall – all 158 square feet of it. 
It is a grandma’s wall of love – not just a unique piece of home décor but also something monumental, if not a work of art. It may even be her “Sistine Chapel moment” – the nearest that a grandma has ever come to matching the beauty and splendor of Michelangelo’s iconic ceiling. 
Carmen is a former high school teacher, who then worked for US Airways for 26 years. 
When she’s not with her grandkids – the children of her other daughter, Kristin – she partners with her two sisters to make children’s clothing, sold via an online shop on Etsy.com, called Three Maria Designs. “We all have the same first name of Maria”, says Carmen, which is actually her middle name. 
While no grandma should have a favorite grandchild, Carmen does have her own “favorite picture of all time”. It shows her granddaughter, then age three, dressed like a pink dragon, and her grandson, at three months, dressed like a knight in shining armor. Carmen made the outfits herself. 
She has not just included this picture in the collage used for the wallpaper, curtains and outfit but also singled it out by giving it two places of honor – printing it both on a garden lawn flag and on a tablecloth runner for her coffee table. 
The living room, however, is the project’s showpiece. “I’m going to invite some of my neighbors over and tell them I won a living room makeover and wait for their reaction.” 
How, meanwhile, does Carmen feel about being called the world’s proudest grandma? “I am the world’s proudest grandma," she replies. “It’s really cool.”
• “When I stand against the wallpaper, my husband says I disappear.”
• Highlight is 150 sq ft wall papered with photos of her grandkids
• It is a “Sistine Chapel moment” for grandmas everywhere
• My granddaughter said, “Oh my!”

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Her wallpaper, curtains, pillows – even her clothes – are covered with custom-printed photos of her grandkids.


World's proudest grandma goes missing 

... in her own living room.

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